Privacy Policy

Kyushu Article Contest (here in referred to as "This Site") treats the collection, use, and management of Personal Information as follows:

1. Personal Information
Personal Information shall be defined as information obtained through the use of This Site that is capable of differentiating specific individuals by name, Home address, E-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, sex, or other such information.
2. Collection of Personal Information
As a policy, individual Users shall register information voluntarily when providing Personal Information through the use of This Site. This Site shall specify the purpose of any collection of Personal Information in advance.
3. Use and Provision of Personal Information
With regards to Users' Personal Information, This Site shall never use said information for any but its expressed purpose of collection nor disclose or provide said information to third parties, except with the Users' permission or when such disclosures or publications are deemed necessary by This Site's administrators.However, This Site shall disclose the minimum amount of Personal Information deemed necessary when legally obligated to do so.
4. Supervision of Personal Information
This Site shall stringently and appropriately manage the collective Personal Information of its Users, taking appropriate measures to prevent leaks, misappropriations, loss, and/or tampering of said information.
5. Copyright and other Notices
  • ・The copyright of a submitted work belongs to the submitter.
  • ・The Kyushu Tourism Promotion Association shall be allowed to use posted articles for free in publicity activities for the promotion of Kyushu Tourism. Posted articles may be provided to a third party for free for publicity activities and other purposes.
  • ・When posted articles are used for publicity activities and other purposes, such articles may be edited or pictures trimmed according to necessity.