Kyushu Article Contest - Share your

We at the Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization are holding a Blog Article Contest for the purpose of improving recognition of the Kyushu region and for highlighting new tourist spots for foreign visitors. (in Korean, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), and English)
We aim to attract more foreign tourists to visit Kyushu and therefore, we would like to invite people who have visited Kyushu to join our contest and share articles via blogs and SNS about the tourist attractions of Kyushu, such as hot spring and traditional festivals.
Our goal is to improve the recognition and popularity of Kyushu among foreign tourists and wish to welcome greater numbers of foreign tourists to the region. Please apply on this website to enter the contest.

The details are as follow:
Application Period: August 22th (Mon) – January 15th (Sun), 2017
The submission deadline has been extended.
Award Ceremony: February, 2017, Fukuoka
Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, ASEAN, English-speaking countries such as Europe
3.Applicant Eligibility
People who currently reside in Kyushu with foreign citizenship
People who live overseas and have traveled Kyushu before with foreign citizenship
4.Application Theme / Contents
We would like to invite you to submit various blog entries based on your holiday experiences in Kyushu. You may write a blog entry to share your experiences such as hot springs,
local restaurants, natural beauty spots and/or festivals.
(1)Gold Award・・・1 person will be selected, awarded with a certificate and prize
Prize: Hotel or Ryokan in Kyushu: A gift voucher includes 3 days 2 nights stay for two people.
This is the list of the hotels and Ryokans.