・Fukuoka Hotel Okura FUKUOKA ホテルオークラ福岡

・Nagasaki JR Kyushu Hotel Nagasaki JR九州ホテル長崎

・Nagasaki Unzen Fukudaya 雲仙 福田屋

・Kumamoto Hitoyosshi Onsen Ayu no sato 人吉温泉 あゆの里

・Oita Ryokan Yamashiroya 旅館 山城屋

・Saga Karatsu Yoyokaku 唐津 洋々閣

・Kakoshima Ibusuki Hakusuikan 白水館

・Miyazaki ANA Holiday Inn Resort Miyazaki ANAホリディ・イン・リゾート宮崎

We will add more information about the details and hotels and ryokan.
(1)Fukuoka Area ↑

Luxurious Hotel in Nakasu Kawabata, Fukuoka’s Tourism Hub
Hotel Okura FUKUOKA

Located between Fukuoka’s two major downtown areas, Tenjin and Hakata, the hotel is connected directly to Nakasu-Kawabata Subway Station. JR Hakata Station is only two stops away and Fukuoka Airport can be reached in just ten minutes! Perfect for traveling, the hotel is also within walking distance of Kawabata Shotengai Shopping Street and Fukuoka’s popular tourist destination Kushida Shrine. Dine at one of the nine restaurants, one of which is a pizza restaurant serving craft beers, enjoy the fitness studio with an indoor pool, ask for concierge services, and access the internet with the free Wi-Fi in every guestroom. Perfect all-in-one hotel for luxury and relaxation.
(2)Nagasaki Area ↑

Connected to JR Nagasaki Station & Perfect for Sightseeing or Shopping

Connected to JR Nagasaki Station, AMU Plaza Nagasaki shopping mall is nearby. Buses and tram cars leaving from the station will take you through Nagasaki City to experience the city’s unique blend of European and Chinese cultures. Step into a guestroom for a chic atmosphere created with Chinese latticework accents. Relax in the room complete with a Simmons pocket coil mattress for ultimate comfort, a large, cleanliness-inspiring white unit bath, and high quality furniture.
(3)Nagasaki & Unzen Onsen Area ↑

Enjoy the Continuously Flowing Onsen Waters & Modern Japanese Tastes

Designated Japan’s first National Park, Unzen Jigoku (Hell) is engulfed in billowing Onsen steam and decorated with beautiful rime in the winter. Unzen Onsen’s natural landscape is beautiful all year round. Relax in a private bath, indoor bath, or outdoor bath at Fukudaya, whose milky waters flow directly from the source. The Kaiseki Course for dinner is prepared using the finest local ingredients. Enjoy an extraordinary ambience created through a unique blend of original Japanese and modern styles in the guestrooms, restaurant, and lobby. Feel free to us the free Wi-Fi.
(4)Hitoyoshi Onsen & Kumamoto Area ↑

Overlook Kuma River and Relax in Exquisite Baths at this Onsen Ryokan Resort
Hotel & Ryokan Ayunosato

This warm, wooden Japanese Ryokan is located along one of Japan’s top three rapid waters, Kuma River. This river is perfect for rafting and rowing down a river. Traditional Japanese designs create an Asian resort atmosphere and guests will be able to choose to stay at a Japanese style or Japanese-Western style room with a private outdoor bath, Japanese style, Western style, or Japanese-Western style room. The view of southern Kyushu’s mountain ranges from the outdoor bath, large bath, footbath, and other Onsen facilities is breathtaking. A free shuttle bus is available to pick up guests from JR Hitoyoshi Station and Hitoyoshi Interchange.
(5)Oita, Yufuinm & Yunohira Onsen Area ↑

Hospitable, Friendly, & Homely Atmosphere at a Historical Onsen Town
Ryokan Yamashiroya

Only a twenty-minute drive from Oita’s renowned Yufuin Onsen area, Yunohira Onsen is located along an inclining stone-paved path and is perfect for renting a relaxing private bath. Colored Yukata (casual, traditional gowns) are available for men and women to wear as they stroll around town. Bungo Beef and other seasonal ingredients are used to prepare delicious cuisine. International visitors are often amazed at the level of sincere hospitality provided to the guests, and the Onsen has a growing fan base. Free Wi-Fi is available inside the facility. Pickup service is available to JR Yunohira Station, which is only two stations away from JR Yufuin Station.
(6)Saga & Karatsu Area ↑

A Traditional Japanese Ryokan in Karatsu with a Beautiful Garden

Find traces of Japan’s ancient, golden days at this traditional Japanese Ryokan in Karatsu, which overlooks the Genkai Sea. Listen to the ocean as you relax in the calming atmosphere of a garden with two hundred year old pine trees. The Kaiseki Course dinner is prepared with delectable, fresh seafood and served on Karatsu Pottery from Ryuta Kiln. Be sure to see the Takashi, Taki, & Hanako Nakazato Gallery. Little details such as changing the beautiful flowers that decorate the Japanese guestrooms on a daily basis is an example of the Ryokan’s dedication to providing guests with hospitable services. JR Karatsu Station is only 80 minutes by train on the JR Chikuhi Line, which connects directly to Fukuoka City Subway.
(7)Kagoshima & Ibusuki Onsen Area ↑

View of Kagoshima Bay
Ibusuki Hakusuikan

Ibusuki Onsen is best known for its steamed sand baths. Experience Japan’s beauty with a view of Kagoshima Bay, an expansive and beautiful garden, and beautifying waters at the large “Genrokuburo” bath complete with an outdoor bath. Be sure to try the Sunamushiburo, which is the popular steamed sand bath. The Kaiseki Course dinner is prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients, and the Japanese-Western breakfast buffet is also a must-try. Visit the gallery displaying Satsuma Pottery and enjoy the free Wi-Fi.
(8)Miyazaki Area ↑

Southern Resort to Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery of Hyuga Sea
ANA Holiday Inn Resort Miyazaki

Miyazaki’s popular tourist destination, Aoshima Beach, is right in front of the hotel. The panoramic view of the Hyuga-nada Sea and bright blue sky will be hard to forget at this resort hotel. With a variety of Western and Japanese style rooms, guests will enjoy bathing in Aoshima Onsen’s waters, which is renowned for beautifying your skin, a large bath with a view of the scenery, and an outdoor Onsen bath. Go swimming at the pool or workout in the fitness gym. Don’t forget the breakfast buffet that serves cuisine prepped with fresh ingredients.
〇Phoenix Seagaia Resort