Nagayu Onsen

Taketa city in Oita

Nagayu Onsen is in Naoirimachi, Taketa City at the eastern foot of Mount Kuju and is approximately in the middle of Oita Prefecture. The town has existed since the middle of the 8th century, but it wasn’t until the Edo Period when the bathing facilities were developed. Amidst the rice field landscape, there are currently many onsen ryokan inns and baths for non-overnight guests located along the Seri River.
“Drink for healing & bathe for healing—Nagayu Onsen is medicine for the heart and stomach”. This phrase was introduced at the beginning of the Showa Period (1926) in reference to the medicinal properties of Carbonated Onsen, which is Nagayu Onsen’s most unique characteristic. The volume of spring water and concentration of carbonated gas is one of the highest in the world. Among other healing effects, bathing in carbonated waters improves the metabolism and aids in recovering from stomach conditions and fatigue. Drinking the carbonated water improves circulation and the rich minerals are good for the body. There are “Onsen Drinking Spots” in the onsen city for you to stop by and enjoy a refreshing carbonated onsen beverage.
The design of the Onsen Drinking Spots and onsen facilities have a German influence, where medicinal bathing is widely recognized. Naoirimachi, home to the Nagayu Onsen, has a sister city in Germany that is also known for its medicinal bathing. This onsen city is proactive in its efforts to implement onsen treatments suitable for the modern era.

100% refreshing sensation! "Kujyu plateau with its fabulous scenery

For those who want to fully enjoy mother nature at its finest we recommend you visit Kujyu plateau with its fabulous scenery of Aso mountain and Kujyu mountain range in the background by car or a rent a car. You can experience clean air and nature and in the spring time people gather to see miyama-kirishima which is a designated Special National Treasure and in the fall time mountain climbers flock to see the colored autumn leaves.
 There are fantastic spots to visit such as the viewing spot "Soumi Viewing Deck" overlooking Asogogaku and Kujyu plateau, There are also the "Kujyu Flower Park" where 5 million flowers of 500 varieties bloom from spring to fall in a vast area of approximately 200 thousand square meters and "Gandhi Farm" famous for its rich soft ice cream.

Take a stroll through a castle town and feel like a Samurai♪

Taketa City where Nagayu Onsen is located can be divided into four large sections. "Nagayu Onsen Area", "Caste Town Area", "Kujyu Plateau Area" and the "Ogi Area". When you visit Nagayu Onsen we recommend you visit these other areas.
 Long ago, towns which sprang up around a castle was called "Castle Town" but "Castle Town Area" of Taketa still displays its legacy. First is the designated historic site of Oka castle site. Stone walls still remain and it is also well known for its Sakura and Autumn leaves. From higher ground you can see the Kujyu mountain range, Aso mountain and Castle Town, so let's climb up!
In the castle town there are streets with samurai residences and a variety of shops. If you stroll along a walking path called "Street of History" you will feel like a Samurai.
 In addition, every year from early February for a month, "Okahan Castle Town Girls' Festival" is held and various elegant dolls are displayed in shops (approximately 40) in the castle town. In autumn (Third Friday, Saturday and Sunday of November) there is also "Chikuraku", an event where approximately 20 thousand Chiku Tourou (lantern) is lit. Why not experience a magical atmosphere which you can only find at this time of the year.

Sample foods which mother nature has grown

You can taste Tofu dishes (taste which is determined by beautiful water) and local Oita cuisine. In recent years, loach farmed using Onsen heat is popular. Taste the delicious "loach" which is soft to the bone, marinated in a spicy sauce, fried, skewered or broiled.
 For those who love meat, try Kujyu plateau beef! The balance between the red meat and the fat is superb and when you taste it, the beef melts in your mouth. Enjoy it as a steak or BBQ.

Welcome Message

Taketa City where Nagayu Onsen is located is an area with great appeal. Besides the Onsen it is a region full of variety and appeal such as its castle town, known for its Oka castle site, rich in history and Kujyu Plateau with its abundance of nature. Whenever you feel like healing your body and mind please come and visit!




Nagayu, Taketa City, Oita

Drive towards Naoiri for approximately 50 minutes after getting off at Yufuin IC on the Oita Highway

Bus or Train
40~50 minutes by bus from Bungo Taketa Station, JR Hohi Line


Taketa city Tourism Association


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