Kirishima Onsen

There are four onsen villages at Kirishima Onsen―Kirishima Onsen Village, Kirishima Jingu Onsen Village, Myoken-Anraku Onsen Village and Hinatayama Onsen Village―and there is an ample variety of onsen to choose from including public baths, family baths, outdoor baths, private baths and footbaths. There is also a wide variety of onsen quality such as sulfur springs, hydrogen carbonate springs, and salt springs. Ryoma Sakamoto, a hero from the end of the Edo Period, visited Kirishima with Oryo, his newly wed bride. It is said that this was the first honeymoon in Japan.
Steam rises in the middle of Kirishima Onsen Village. Our recommendation to visitors is to stroll along the Forest Therapy Road with many scenic points including Maruonotaki Falls, Senjojiki Plateau, and the oldest rock bath in Kirishima. Kirishimajingu Onsen Village has Kirishima Shrine in its center which attracts trekking lovers to enjoy the nature of the island and other tourists all year round.
Rows of Japanese style ryokan inns can be found at Myoken Onsen, and Anraku Onsen thrives with the old fashioned, self-catering inns. Hinatayama Onsen Village is considered to be the oldest onsen in the prefecture and Takamori Saigo often visited the onsen village. Visit Kirshima to find your ideal onsen!

Worship in Kimono, Casual Visit to Kirishima Shrine

Kirishima Shrine is the home of the myth of the arrival of the grandson of the primary god of Japan, and many feel the stately ambience. Why don’t you enjoy the ambience to the fullest by strolling in beautiful and traditional kimonos? Japanese usually dress in Western attires, but kimonos sober up our spirit and we even walk differently. You should experience this change yourself! Only 3,000 yen (including kimono rental, dressing service and tax). Reservation required. You can either bring your own tabi socks or rent a pair for an additional fee. It comes with the discount coupon for day use of hot spring, meals and souvenirs. This service is only for ladies.

Evening of Local Performing Arts – Feel with Your Five Senses

Did you know Kirishima is called the “land of Gods”? It is because the grandson of the primary god of Japan is said to arrive here. In other words, this is the origin of Japan. At “Evening of Kirishima’s Local Performing Arts”, you can experience the myth of Japan’s birth, and the live performance of Kirishima Kagura dance and our very own Kumentaiko drums. Currently held once every other month, it is open to public for free. You can find Kagura dance all over Japan, but the performance in the land of the great myth must be something special. The sound of drums soaking into your entire body, and Kagura dance dedicated to the gods. Neither needs words. Feel the celestial ambience all over you.

Serious Cyclists Should Come Here! Cycling Heaven, Kirishima

Coming to the nature-rich Kirishima, some might want to work out to enjoy the nature to the fullest. Cycling is our recommendation to such people. And we are talking about serious cycling, not a leisurely transportation within the city.
Kirishima is blessed with the beautiful sea and mountains, such as Kirishima Renzan Mountains and Kinko Bay. Here, you can rent full-fledged hybrid bikes, and challenging courses like Kirishima Renzan Round Course (102.5 km/63.7 miles) and Shiokaze/Sakurajima Course (69.4 km/43.1 miles) that even the seasoned cyclists find tough welcome you. If you want to run with the hurtling sensation, this is the place. And more casual cyclists also can have great time in Kirishima. There are total nine model courses including relatively easy ones like Kirishima Shrine Worshipping Course (37.8 km/23.5 miles) and Panoramic Course from Kirishima Shrine to Maruo (16.6 km/10.3 miles).

“OMOTEASHI Supporters” consisted of Tourist Information, roadside stations and hotels/inns near the courses support you with lending inflators and repair kits or the use of foot bath that greatly comforts the legs exhausted from the exercise. After the cycling, you can of course pamper yourself in the hot spring.

Welcome Messege

Kirishima City is located in the heart of Kagoshima Prefecture in southern Kyushu. With Mt. Kirishima, the first national park in Japan, in the north and calm water of Kinko Bay in the south, it is rich in nature and offers you the very Japanese beauty of four seasons. The four onsen villages in the prefecture are blessed with hot springs of a wide range of quality. Name any benefits, beautiful skin or releasing fatigue, you will found the perfect hot spring for your purpose here in Kirishima.




Kirishima Onsen, Kagoshima Prefecture

30 minutes toward Kirishima from Yokogawa IC on Kyushu Highway

Bus or Train
Around 35 minutes by Kagoshima Airport Bus (Kirishima Onsen Village)
20 minute by bus from Kirishima Onsen Station on the JR Hisatsu Line


Kirishima City Tourism Division


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