Aso Uchinomaki Onsen

Aso, a prominent tourist spot in Kyushu with its abundance of hot spring source. Among the many Onsens in Aso Onsen village, Aso Uchinomaki Onsen boasts the largest size. In April of 2016 the area was devastated by an earthquake but currently access by railway from Oita has restored. National roads are partly closed but you can use a detour so access by car or bus is not a problem. Ryokan at Aso Uchinomaki Onsen also has resumed business and people hoping for the recovery of Aso region are visiting in numbers.
The appeal of Aso Uchinomaki Onsen is that you can feel being close to nature at its grandest surrounded by mountains. One of the unique features, rare among Onsens in Japan is that it contains small amounts of lithium which has a relaxing effect. The effect will multiply with the rural scenery of Aso spreading right in front of your eyes. 
 Accommodation with hot springs spreading across a vast area number about 20 and some you can use to experience only its baths (without staying overnight). It is amazing to hear that the six town baths which the locals also use has its own spring source. All has its own unique spring quality and most all of them are water which is flowing straight from the hot spring source. It is recommended for those who want to take their time and bathe feeling the natural surroundings.

With just one bite of "Aka beef" you will be hooked!

"Aka cow" is bred with plenty of goodness of Aso. This is beef which is "tasty", "tender" and "healthy" and popular even amongst women with its low fat content and tasty meat! You are able to taste this beef as "Aka beef bowl" at an eatery famous for its long queue and as a steak or Yakiniku at various restaurants so check it out.
Also the whole town of Aso Uchinomaki is working hard to "create a town loved by foreigners" and it has created "Aso Uchinomaki Night Gourmet Guide" (an internet website) In 5 languages. It introduces eateries in Aso Uchinomaki in Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified Chinese character/traditional Chinese character), French and Korean. There are many movies of the inside of the eateries and not only can you see what the eatery is like but manners to be followed and how to order and choose dishes at an izakaya are meticulously explained so you are sure to enjoy the nightlife to your hearts content!

Activities you can only experience in a natural surrounding

In Aso area there are plenty of activities which make you feel at one with nature which has been created by the enormous world class caldera. There are many attractive activities such as horse trekking which is OK for even a beginner and also hot air ballooning and paragliding just to name a few, all of which will excite the young and the old. Please check out the website for details of what adventures await you. (※Some activities have ceased operation)

If you require any information contact us first!

In Aso station there is the "Aso Information Center" with staff fluent in English, therefore for overseas visitors it is a place you can rely upon. If you have any questions regarding Aso please contact by phone on(+81-967-34-1600) or by email(aso‐
We recommend when you arrive at Aso to first visit the information center and gather the latest information.

Welcome Message

Aso with its world class caldera. And, volcano that is still active. Please come and visit Aso Uchinomaki Onsen surrounded by the natural beauty of Aso!




Uchinomaki, Aso city, Kumamoto

From Kyushu Expressway Kumamoto IC, 90 minutes via national route 57 and milk road.

・「Trans Kyushu bus(fixed route bus) /「Yamabiko」(Kumamoto〜Oita)
Kyushu Sankou Bus

Hohi main line(※Access is available only from Oita area)、from Aso station approximately 10 minutes by bus


Aso Information Centre


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