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Ibusuki City is located on the southern end of the Satsuma Peninsula and is approximately an hour train ride from Kagoshima City. The beautiful, expansive beach looks onto the East China Sea from the Kinko Bay. The Kirishima Volcano runs through the city and is known across Japan for its abundant volume of onsen water, and the extremely rare “Natural Sand Steam Bath”, which attracts tourists from around the globe.
The sand steam bath utilizes the onsen waters on the beach and people bury their entire body in the sand. Relaxing in the sand steam bath while listening to the sound of waves on the beach creates a comfortable feeling of being embraced by the earth. There are many inns along the beach. Some of these inns have sand steam baths and allow non-overnight guests to experience their baths.
Ibusuki Onsen is a salt spring, which is most notable for retaining heat. It is also has an effective detox effect, and research conducted by a university found that the health benefits of a sand steam bath is three to four times higher than the effects of a conventional onsen. Ibusuki’s residents likely owe their health to these steam sand baths and are active enough to host various sporting events at such as the “Nanohana Marathon”. Enjoy the promising detoxing effects for the body and soul.

An Uninhibited Island You Can Walk to, Chiringashima Island

Chiringashima Island in Kinko Bay is known among Ibusuki people as the land-tied island. The land-tied island is an island that is connected to the main land by the beach stretching toward the sea called a “sand bank”. The 800 meter (0.5 mile) sand bank to Chiringashima Island is a narrow path named “Chiririn Road”, which emerges only on a low tide between March and October. It takes around 20 minutes one way on foot to go to the island. Feeling the salty air in your nose and the calming sound of wavelets to your ears, enjoy the healing stroll in the sea.
There is a promenade in the island, and you can walk all the way around in two hours if you walk leisurely. Chiringashima Island gives you the quiet and tranquil time you can only find in uninhibited islands. But don’t get too leisurely. Check the information of the sand bank on web beforehand, and make sure you go back to the main land before the high tide.

New Local Delicacy Is Born! Ontamaran Don

Ontama means onsen tamago (soft boiled eggs originally cooked in hot spring water). Ontama here in Ibusuki has to be made with the source water of Ibusuki’s famous sand bath. Now 23 restaurants in Ibusuki serve Ontamaran Don, but you will be amazed how differently each restaurant makes it. That is because this delicacy can be made with anything and anyway, Japanese-style, Western-style, meat, fish and many more. Chefs at the participating restaurants combines whatever food their creativity calls for with Ibusuki’s ontama. However different they are in looks and in taste, they all are authentic Ontamaran Don as long as topped with the meltingly soft ontama from the hot spring water of the sand bath. It may be fun to make yourself hungry enough to compare a few.

The View from the Southernmost Tip of Satsuma Peninsula Is Simply Majestic

Mt. Kaimondake stands grandly at the southernmost tip of Satsuma Peninsula. What catches your eyes first should be its shape. It is a stand-alone mountain of symmetrical cone-shape with the smooth and gentle ridge line that never cease to charm us. So beautiful that it is often called “Satsuma Fuji”. As there is no other mountains in the neighborhood, you can see this mountain from any angles when you are in Nansatsu area.
You can climb this mountain but make sure you are properly prepared as it is rather rugged despite its elegant looks. You cannot be over-prepared. Climb for about three hours, and you will be greeted by the uninterrupted view with the gaping Lake Ikeda. You can get the climbing certificate at the Fureai Park at the foot of Mt. Kaimondake.

Welcome Message

The natural sand bath is very rare in the world. It uses the abundant hot spring water that discharges naturally at the beach. Its effect has been medically proven. Enjoy the superbly detoxing natural sand bath and Ibusuki’s s hot spring known for its relaxation effect.




Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture

60 minutes towards Ibusuki from Kagoshima IC on the Kyushu Highway

Bus or Train
Get off at Ibusuki Station on the JR Ibusuki Makurazaki Line


Ibusuki City Tourism Division


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