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Kurokawa Onsen, a hot spring town nestled among silent mountains in the north eastern area of Kumamoto, was awarded two stars on Michelin Green Guide Japan 2009, which is exceptional for a hot spring town. The pure stream of Tanoharu River runs through the middle of the town, which is spotted with more than 20 hot spring inns. What attracts many tourists here are the natural scenery with rich greeneries and the laid-back atmosphere isolated away from the bustle of the city.
The tourism of Kurokawa Onsen wants tourists to consider the whole hot spring town as one big inn, with streets compared to corridors, trees and flowers to plants in the garden and inns to unique guest rooms. All inns share the same sandals and umbrellas, which comes in handy when you hop from one hot spring inn to another.
The variety in hot spring quality is another great thing about this town. There are 7 types of hot springs; weak acid simple spring, weak alkali simple spring, sulfur spring, ferruginous spring and acid spring. Enjoy a slow stroll, the atmosphere of the town and a variety of hot springs in Kurokawa.

 Kurokawa Onsen is located at the border between Oita Prefecture, north of Aso mountain. Fortunately the area received very little damage from the earthquake in April and all the Ryokan's are doing business as usual. One reason for the popularity of Kurokawa Onsen is its unique " Onsen-Hopping Pass " !
At many Kurokawa Onsen accommodations there is a system called "drop by bathing" whereby even if you are not staying at a Ryokan you are able to use baths such as open air baths (prices differ at each Ryokan) and if you buy this " Onsen-Hopping Pass " you can try out 3 different open air baths at different Ryokan's and enjoy a variety of baths for a price of 1300 yen per note. You can purchase them at each Ryokan or at a business center. Another nice thing about this note made from Japanese cedar is that you can keep it as a souvenir. Hang the bathing note around your neck wearing Kimono and Geta (Japanese wooden clogs) and visit the various hot springs of Kurokawa Onsen and enjoy to your hearts content the charm of Japan.

"Strutting Sake", a highly popular bar hopping idea

At Kurokawa Onsen there is one more popular "Note". It's called "Strutting Note"! A cup made of bamboo is the note and with it you can hop around 18 of Kurokawa Onsen's Ryokans and bars and taste Kumamoto sake and shochu. You can taste 3 cups of sake or shochu with a side dish for only 1500 yen. For those not keen on sake please feel rest assured, soft drinks and sweet sake is on offer. Available hours are from 15:00 to 21:00 and this note as well can be purchased at each Ryokan or at the business center. The side dish they boast about and the conversation with the Ryokan / Bar staff are also one of the things to look forward to besides the sake, of course.

Service for tourists a plenty♪

Another appealing thing about Kurokawa is its full array of service welcomed by not only Japanese but by foreign visitors. For example, there is the yukata rental service. There is a standard plan of yukata, obi (cloth belt) and leathered soled sandals as a set and another plan of purse and towel as a set. You will be able to fully enjoy walking through the charming Onsen town. Available between 9:30~16:30 and you can register at "Becchin Kan" located near the tourism association.
 At the visitor center we provide rental service of a voice guiding system (Japanese/English) useful when strolling around Kurokawa Onsen or walking through the fields. Why not take a walk with a map in one hand listening to a tourist spot guide service using GPS automatic voice system. There are lots of information you can only learn about at the spot!Fee is 500 yen per unit and you can rent it for 3 hours.
Furthermore, there is a bicycle rental service as well. Kurokawa Onsen is famous for its many hilly roads. If you go through the mountain roads to a higher ground you can see beautiful scenery but if you are not fond of walking try a bicycle. The bicycle is electric powered so even a hilly road is a breeze. A spot well worth visiting is "Hirano viewing platform" aka lovers' hill. Let's cycle through the 4 kilometer (approx.) exhilarating road.

Welcome Message

From Fukuoka there is a direct bus and there are Ryokans with foreign staff. Please have a look at the homepage and find an accommodation to suit and come visit us. We will be waiting.




Kurokawa, Mangan-ji, Minami Oguni-mati, Aso-gun, Kumamoto

About 60 Minutes Drive from Hita IC of Oita Expressway

Bus or Train
1. About 60 Minutes by Bus from Hita Station of JR Kyudai Honsen Line / Get off at Kurokawa Onsen Stop
2. 150 Minutes by Direct Expressway Bus from Hakata Station


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