Vacation through Kyushu


  • Author : Walter
  • Country of Origin : Belgium
  • Age : 60's
  • Gender :male

Beautiful public garden at Kagoshima, on the way to Sakurajima

Highway during Edoperiod, about one hour and ten minutes , bybus, from Oitastation

At the restaurant near Tenjin station

Kumamoto, in juin two months after the eartquake, at Kumamoto castle

Cherry Blossoms at Ohori park in Hakata

At Sakurajima, you can do three bustours at the iland

Tatami factory at Nagasaki, have visited three of them

Monkey Reservaat just between Outa and Beppu

Famous bridge in Nagasaki!

Dont forget to buy your JRRailpass before coming to Japan, really worth to do it,


Place to be

Ohori park, mini Japanese garden in the big famous Ohori park

Visit at the Kirin factory in Asakura, you receive three free beers. Kanpai

Festival car in Hakata

Hakata near station, Totyoji Temple

That is also Japan, we should do the same in Europe. Japanese people respect everything and everybody.

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