Kagoshima garden


  • Author : Walter
  • Country of Origin : Belgium
  • Age : 60's
  • Gender :male

Very beautiful garden, to visit on the way to Sakurajima

Sakurajima, you can make three tours by bus at the iland

Oita, Highway from the Edo period, one hour ten minutes by bus from the station. This highway is about 661 meters long by 2 meters

Kumamoto, the castle after the eartquake. I have visit the castle one year before

Visiting the Kirin factory, three free beers, in Asakura

Cherry blossom at Ohori park in Hakata

Nagasaki, special bridge

Tatami factory in Nagasaki, I have visited three of them in Nagasaki

Hakata, Kushida Shrine


Cosmos in Asakura

Shinkansen, discover Japan with JR railpass

Hakata, Tochoji Temple

Between Oita and Beppu. The monkey reservaat.

That is also Japan, showing respect for everybody and all.

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