Getting Lost in a Beautiful World of Flowers at Kuju Flower Park!


  • Author : Jaznotabi
  • Country of Origin : Singapore
  • Age : 40's
  • Gender :female

I love seeing big open fields full of flowers and I was glad that I had the opportunity to visit Kuju Flower Park, which has about three million plants of more than 500 different varieties. Different flowers bloom during the different seasons during most of the year, except in winter. Do check the flowering schedule on the park's website before your visit, so that you'll know what you can expect to see there.

Entrance to Kuju Flower Park.

I just had to take that customary photo by posing at the "official photo spot"! LOL!!

Unfortunately it was a rainy day during my visit and the skies were rather foggy. However, I felt that it gave a "mysterious" feel to my pictures. Here's one of me getting lost in the sea of flowers. Ahhh...the patches of purple and white were such a lovely sight to behold....

Making my way around the park, I came across a field of Marigolds.

Here's me trying to "blend in" with the flowers again! Haha...

As the various species of flowers take turns to bloom, do note that some may not be in full bloom during your visit, but you can imagine how lovely the scene will be when the flowers are all out.

A different section of the park with lots of colourful flowers. Unfortunately the names of the flowers are all displayed in Japanese, so I don't know what their names are in English.

I then visited the Rose Garden, but wasn't sure if the season for roses was already over.

Thankfully there were still some roses in bloom and I managed to see them!

There are also quite a few side paths where you can stroll along and admire the different views at the park.

Found a little pond surrounded by some autumn colours. If you look carefully, you can spot some ducks at the far end.

Duck feed is available for purchase and you can buy some to feed the ducks. They will come swimming towards you if they know that you have food for them!

If all that walking about has made you famished, there is a buffet restaurant located at the second floor of this building.

Pictures of the buffet spread...

There's even a separate section with a lady preparing tempura so that they are freshly fried when you go over to get some (yes, it's also part of the buffet spread).

The dessert and beverage section.

Alas it was time for me to leave the park and I found Mr Bear seated at the cafe looking so forlorn. Don't be sad Mr Bear, I'll be back to see you again soon! ^_^

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