My Favorite Places In Kyushu


  • Author : Colman Cheung
  • Country of Origin : Singapore
  • Age : 10's
  • Gender :male

When people talk about going to Japan, they usually mention the busy metropolis- Tokyo, the fluffy snow and fresh produce in Hokkaido or the sapphire sky and crystal clear sea of Okinawa. But for this post, I'll talk about my favorite part of Japan- Kyushu.

My favorite attraction in Oita has got to be 九州自然动物园. This attraction must be included in your itinerary if you're a fan of animals. It's actually the second time my family has visited this place and I'll tell you why in a second. The park offers the most unique animal feeding, which is to feed from a caged bus while the animals are free to roam in a spacious area. So technically we're the animals here right!

The safari offers not only the feeding of the usual horses and giraffes, there are also carnivores such as lions and bears!

Besides this, there are also other animals at other corners of the attraction such as monkeys, ponies, horses which can all be fed for only a small price of ¥100. I honestly don't think that it's possible to find such a deal at other countries. There are also petting areas for Guinea pigs, dogs and cats. My favorite one of all has to be the dog petting session although it's a really common pet. The puppies are trained to sit on people's laps.

Miyazaki is really famous for their delicious Miyazaki beef and i can say that it lives up to its expectations. I went to 禅 for their sukiyaki, which is my favorite way of eating beef. One set of their most expensive beef costs about ¥5500, including 6 slices of Miyazaki beef- which is so thin that the designs on the plate can be seen, vegetables and a small tray of appetizer.

The combination of sweet taste of the sukiyaki broth, the fresh egg sauce and the beef that melts right in your mouth is truly a heavenly taste that should be tried.

Covered in a layer of steam, you can already guess that Kirishima is famous for its steamy hot onsens. I experienced my first private onsen in 優湯庵.

This is my favorite hotel for this trip because of its super traditional exterior and interior design. I've always been a fan of accommodations like this because it feels more personal. Also this place offers the most traditional outfit I've ever worn, specifically the traditional wooden slippers. Although it hurts a lot, I had fun walking around in it.

It's also really cool because everyone room is furnished differently based on the flower name of their room. And surprisingly, for such an amazing hotel, it only costs ¥17500 per night.

When one is to think about Kagoshima-shi, the first attraction that pops to mind is definitely 櫻島 (Sakurajima). It's a volcanic island beside Kagoshima, but is actually connected by a small road built on solidify lava. There are two ways to get to this beautiful island from Kagoshima- by ship or by car but I'd recommend going by ship for a better view of the island. The road around the island is about 36 km long.

It is walkable and there are bicycles for rent but I recommend renting a car for a more comfortable journey. It is believed to be good luck if one is to travel around the island so definitely do that if you can!

It is an island with a rich heritage and history, with many beautiful picturesque, spots of scenic beauty, and of course onsens. I feel like the one spot that you can't miss is 有村溶岩展望所. Personally I find that it has the nicest view of the volcano despite being a back view because of the place's lack of man-made structures, giving off a very natural vibe.

Maybe it's because it's far away from the jetty, but there was no one else there so I could take as many photos as I wanted. Since it is perched atop a small hill, there were many other beautiful photo opportunities aside from the volcano.

Another spot you should visit is 黑神埋沒鳥居, which was half buried by the volcanic ashes. I was really looking forward to visiting this place after viewing the introductory video and I'm glad I did! It's like one of the most popular tourist spot in the island.

Kumamoto castle is the place to go if you're visiting Kumamoto! Despite half the castle crumbled in rubble, it is still a beautiful picturesque. Many people may detest the idea of visiting an incomplete tourist attraction, but I was really psyched for it.

Aftermath of the earthquake.

I have never seen the destruction caused by a natural force in real life before, so it was really an eyeopening experience!

I really enjoyed this trip because of the animals, great food, beautiful sceneries and most importantly the perfect weather! I won't hesitate to come back to Kyushu again!

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