Unseen in Dazaifu, Kamado Shrine


  • Author : Nate
  • Country of Origin : Thailand
  • Age : 20's
  • Gender :female

Last fall, I went to Dazaifu to taking picture of the red leaves. I was expecting a lot of tourists there since it was weekend. However, after I arrived the Kamado Shrine, there were less tourists than I expected. Moreover, it was a perfect period to come see the nature and there is also hiking track. Kamado Shrine is just 15-minute away by bus from Nishitetsu Dazaifu station and the fee is 100 yen. For those who are looking for a spot to see Kouyou(紅葉) I proudly recommend this place.
PS. the picture above is when the 11 am sun shines through the glass you will see the rainbow. Love it.

Another picture I love.

On the way back, I went to try the Dazaifu Burger. Here you can try a yummy fried chicken serving in a gilled burger and fresh vegetables. Today my choice was the burger with mantaiko sauce, so it was a little bit spicy.

And of course a signature of Dazaifu, the red bean mochi.

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