A couple's foodie journey to Kyushu


  • Author : Manda
  • Country of Origin : Singapore
  • Age : 20's
  • Gender :female

Theater style ramen at Mengekijo Genei ramen. We ate this ramen seated in a theater style setting while watching the chef prepare our food.

Delicious ramen at Kumamoto. Thick broth with peanut toppings. This option with many many char siew is just awesome! Located at 2-15 Anseimachi Kumamoto Prefecture.

photo with the lovely Kumamon! We went to visit Kumamon at Kumamon square. It was lovely to see kumamoto's mascot in action

Uemura Unagi Ya at Hitoyoshi. Unaju (broiled eel on rice) is made with a salty sweet sauce. It was an interesting taste and we enjoyed this lovely meal made with a recipe passed down for 100 years.

A must try on Ibusuki scenic train. The black sesame pudding is made with spring water. Super nice!!

Furusato Yataimura in Kagoshima. A wonderful place with all of kagoshima's food in one place! We love all the awesome dished from raw sashimi to ramen!

Dango Jiru a local specialty in Oita. The soup is lovely and a great meal during winter. This quaint cafe is Sabo Shinanoya, Beppu shi Nishinoguchi cho 6-32

this lovely soba place was recommended by our rickshaw driver. Soba Izumi is located next to Kirin lake. the best thing is the sauce can be drunk after we fin she our meal!

An awesome experience in beppu! We cooked at Jigoku Mushikobo Kannawa. The end product is really sweet and fresh cooked from onsen steam. It was so good, we ate there twice during our stay.

Our most daring try in Kyushu. Chicken sashimi at Goro ichi. The taste is nice and it goes down well. We love it!

Okamoto Yabaiten at Myoban Beppu. We tried some local food made using onsen water. Awesome!

ichiran ramen a must try in Kyushu! We enjoyed it a lot!

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