Part of life: A wonderful story in Fukuoka


  • Author : Christina
  • Country of Origin : Indonesia
  • Age : 20's
  • Gender :female

Carving out the story in the land of cherry ...

It has been two times I came to this place. Fukuoka so memorable in my heart.
Kumamoto and Kyushu is a place where we feel very comfortable because of the scenery and the hospitality of the locals.
I really enjoyed it.

The most pleasant thing is when we can become part of a future story, a story where we go to a place that is so beautiful ..
Fukuoka is the place to write a thousand beautiful story

Fukuoka has many places are so beautiful...
The beauty and comfort will make us feel at home to settle in Fukuoka

This place became one of the important places to visit in Kumamoto prefecture...
Winter is the ideal time to visit Onsen, with a cold atmosphere and cool air Kyushu, relaxing together in a warm water bath outdoors in a pleasant environment, will make an unforgettable trip. Visitors are encouraged to enjoy a variety of bathing places and lodging..

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