Refresh my life at Fukuoka


  • Author : Jo
  • Country of Origin : Thailand
  • Age : 20's
  • Gender :female

Hello! My name is Jo. Welcome to my blog!

*This is not guide blog.*

I was an exchange student from Thailand to Kyushu University. It happened in SUMMER! First, I researched about summer season in Japan and I found that SUMMER IN JAPAN IS NOT GOOD TO TRAVEL! WHAT!? Hmm... Okay, I just go to study only because it just 2 weeks only......

After I arrived to FUK airport, I knew that the Internet joked on me. From that moment.................. I changed my mind already.

Now, I will show you something about my feeling in FUKUOKA.

*I did my art work with my photos and apologize if my language or others are wrong*

I looked around the city and I found all of those places is soooooooo nice and beautiful. I also joined free concert at Tenjin that made me become a big fan of Fire Ball band!

Firstly, It was one day trip at Dazaifu! This is so fancy and peaceful. I could walk and look around Dazaifu for whole day. (I also found the most beautiful Starbuck in the world at Dazaifu! *whisper*)

If we are talking about landmark of Fukuoka.....except Dazaifu.... It must be Fukuoka Tower! and you can walk at Momochi seaside park, you will see Marizon building.

I went there just a short time. I hope I could go back there in night time and watch the illuminated tower again.

Ohori park is recommend! you will see the big magnificent park with many activities here. I walked from Tenjin station to the park.... It is not too far for me, however Ohorikoen station is nearby. If you travel from Tenjin, you will find Fukuoka Castle Ruins, It is a nice place to check in :)

There are more photos of Morooka park near my accommodation at below of my merge picture.

Let's talk about my life in Fukuoka. As you can see in photos, there are Kyushu university, my good pals, also food and drinks. It look nice, isn't it? :P

The last photos were taken at Uminonakamichi. It is the big park with A LOOOOOOOOOOT OF activities. I think if you want to go there, you may to spend whole day there.

This photos were taken on my birthday.. 05 sep, this is amazing to celebrated my birthday there! (Surprisingly!! I got a very fancy party at my Japanese traditional room in my dorm from my super lovely friends <3 *heart it*)

I have to say that Fukuoka is the "must be" city to check in! and go back AGAIN!

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