My travel journey throughout my 8 months internship


  • Author : Adrian Loy
  • Country of Origin : Malaysia
  • Age : 20's
  • Gender :male

This is my first trip during my internship in Japan. My friends and I went to Huis Ten Bosch after a hectic weeks working for the internship. It is an remarkable trip as we have full of joys during the trip. It take us approximately 3-5 hours to travel from Kumamoto to to Huis Ten Bosch . The night view in Huis Ten Bosch is truely amazing!! (as you can view in this picture haha). Huis Ten Bosch is a huge amusement park which consist of various indoor and outdoor games such as ghost town , flying fox , bungee jump , theater and many more. I highly recommend couples or friends to visit Huis Ten Bosch to relax and enjoy during the weekend.

Kawachi fujien - a place for flower lovers or couple who seek for romantic scenery. This is a private garden which decorated with various flowers that attract many tourists to come visit. The most promising attraction of this garden is a long tunnels made of wisteria trees of differing varieties and colors. Let's take a break from the hectic city life and come visit this beautiful mother nature.

In our fukuoka trip , we travel all the way up to kitakyushu for karato ichiba. The mouth watering foods in karato ichiba are so tempting. There many tourist (e.g. Hong kong) craving for the foods in this area.Thus, we highly recommend people who like to eat to come this place.

Dazaifu-shi - we travel here during the golden week of Japan. It is a good place to travel as you got the chance to do some exercise, relax your mind, and chatting with friends

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