By popular demand, we present to you our recommended spots for flowers and foliage in Kyushu! For those looking to fill your trip with beautiful seasonal sceneries, this is it!

Flower in autumn and winter


Saitobaru Tumulus Clusters (Saitobaru : Miyazaki prefecture)

Saitobaru Tumulus Clusters is a group of more than 300 ancient tomb mounds said to have been placed sometime between mid 3rd century to the 7th century and is one of the largest of its kind in the world.

Over 300,000 cosmos flowers blossom here in the fall, covering the entire region in red, pearl, and pink.

"Recommended viewing season is between late October to early November. Annual Kofun Festival goes on here on the first Saturday and Sunday of November, providing visitors a plenty of opportunity for viewing the flowers and participating in various events all day long. "


Ikoma Plateau (Kobayashi : Miyazaki prefecture)

Some 100,000 fully bloomed cosmos flowers in 18 different types fill the 16-hectare cosmos garden of Ikoma Plateau. With Mt. Karakuni in the back drop, the plateau provides a great scenery of Mt. Hinamori and Mt. Kirishima. As the flowers blossom, the contrast between the blue sky and the colorful cosmos is just outstandingly beautiful. Along with the typical red, pink, and pearl cosmos, there are yellow ones and even ones with sharp-edged petals here as well.

Best viewing season is between mid September to late October. Cosmos Matsuri Festival will be held during this season, subsequently drawing many visitors to this region for flower viewing.


Cosmos Gaido (Kitakyushu-city : Fukuoka prefecture)

National Road 495 is also known as ""Cosmos Gaido"" for its abundance of roadside cosmos flowers. Local groups and volunteers have given their time and effort to cultivate these beautiful flowers totaling about 100,000 along the 2.8km stretch of the highway running through the southern part of Wakamatsu landfill.

Annual Wakamatsu Cosmos Festa is held in early October, drawing tons of spectators in and around the city. Best viewing season is between early to mid October.

Kirishimagaoka Park (Kanoya : Kagoshima prefecture)

Kirishimagaoka Park, also known as Kanoya Rose Garden, is located 7km south of downtown Kanoya City on a little plateau. It offers a variety of colorful flowers all through the year. Some 30,000 cosmos flowers bloom at parts of the park such as along the Fureai Road and at the multi-purpose open space. Lots of families and couples gather here for the viewing season since the garden is equipped with family-friendly features, like the playground and the go-kart track. Prime season for viewing is between early to late October.

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