Six Prefectures Long Road TripSpiritual Places Trip Course

This lavish course takes you through six out of seven Kyushu prefectures visiting various spiritual places one after another. Re-energize at each location, and completely go around Kyushu!


Day 1:

(1) 10:00am Houtou Shrine. Pray to win the jackpot.
↓ Approx. 1 hour 20 min by car.
(2) 12:30pm Pray for educational success in Dazaifu Tenmangu.
↓ Approx. 4 hour by car.
(3) 4:30pm To Kirishima Jingu. A place where sun goddess's grandson descended.
Stay overnight in Kirishima Onsen, Kagoshima Prefecture.

Day 2:

(4) 9:00am National Treasure Aoi Aso Shrine. Kumamoto's only National Treasure.
↓ Approx. 3 hour by car.
(5) 1:30pm A place where gods and goddesses gather.
↓ Approx. 1 hour by car.
(6) 5:00pm Heidate Shrine.
Stay overnight in Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture.

Day 3:

(7) 9:00am To the powerful, earth-rumbling Aso caldera.
↓ Approx. 2 hour by car.
(8) 11:00am To the mysterious Stone Buddhas of Usuki.
↓ Approx. 50 min by car.
(9) 1:00pm A quick stop at the Beppu Bay Service Area.
↓ Approx. 1 hour by car.
(10) 3:00pm Usa Jingu. The Grand Head Shrine of all the hachiman shrines in the country.


With lots of places to visit on your schedule, fly into Fukuoka Airport on an early morning flight. Make sure to get a rent-a-car here.

Day 1

Go as far as you want! But first, let's start from Saga, go through Fukuoka to get to Kagoshima via the Expressway. Douse yourself in Kirishima onsen in the evening and recharge your energy.


Houtou Shrine
Get on the ferry and go pray for the jackpot! - Houtou Shrine
Head down to the shrine with good luck for hitting the lotto. The rumor has drawn tons of visitors from all over the country. It's about 10 minutes by ferry from Karatsu. Our staff have already had some luck since then!

12:30pmIt's Fukuoka from here on out.

Dazaifu Tenmangu
Have some snack along the way to Dazaifu Tenmangu.

4:30pmIt's Kagoshima from here on out

Drive for a while to the place where sun goddess's grandson descended, Kirishima.

Stay overnight in Kirishima Onsen

Day 2 8:00am START

From Kagoshima, go up north to Kumamoto. Head to the land of mythology, Miyazaki, by nightfall. The drive through the mountains is somewhat ethereal.

9:00amIt's Kumamoto from here on out.

National Treasure Aoi Aso Shrine
Get up early to go see Kumamoto's only National Treasure, Aoi Aso Shrine.
Enshrined here are three of the 12 gods and goddesses of Aso Shrine. It has been designated as a National Treasure for its lacquered coatings and carvings applied to the structure.

1:30pmIt's Miyazaki from here on out.

Takachiho Gorge
A stroll through Takachiho area, a place believed to draw gods and goddesses.
Takachiho Gorge

5:00pmIt's Kumamoto from here on out.

Heidate Shrine
Heidate Shrine of Aso situated pretty much, almost dead center of the island of Kyushu.
This shrine is drawing a lot of attention for the public's heightened interest in spirituality. It's located geographically right in the center of Kyushu and gives off a very mystic vibe.
Heidate Shrine (Heitate Jingu)
ADDRESS:Ono, Yamato, Kamimashiki District, Kumamoto Prefecture
ACCESS:Approx. 50 min by car from Takamori Station
OPEN:Free for visitation

Stay overnight in Aso

Day 3 9:00am START

To Usuki via Kuju from Aso to wrap up this spiritual location tour through Kyushu. The final stop is Usa Jingu in Usuki with stone figures of Buddha.


Take a peep at the powerful, earth-rumbling Aso caldera.

11:00amIt's Oita from here on out.

National Treasure Usuki Stone Buddhas
From Kumamoto to Oita, to the mysterious stone figures of Buddha in Usuki.
These stone figures carved on the side of the mountain are said to have been created during the period from Heian to Kamamkura.
National Treasure Usuki Stone Buddhas
TEL:0972-65-3300 (Usuki Stone Buddhas main office)
ADDRESS:Usuki Stone Buddhas main office, 804-1 Fukata, Usuki City, Oita Prefecture
ACCESS:Approx. 20 min by bus from JR Usuki Station.
(October-March: 6:00am~6:00pm)
CLOSED:Open all year


Let's stop by this popular rest area while on the road.
Let's stop by this popular rest area while on the road.
Produced by Ryokan Sansou Murata of Yufuin. The rest area is comprehensively built for both north bound and south bound with a shopping center, café, restaurant, and more. It's worth the stop.
Beppu Bay Service Area
OPEN:Genrinkan 7am - 8pm
(Restaurant artegio dining・Café B-speakcafe:11:00am~5:00pm. Restaurant Kaneya, Fushiyouana:11:00am~3:00pm.)
* Depends on season.
CLOSED:Open all year
PARKING:87 for north bound, 111 for south bound.


Usa Jingu
To top off the trip, we head to the Grand Head Shrine of all the hachiman shrines in the country.
It is the Grand Head Shrine of over 40,000 existing shrines in the nation and said to be the birthplace of Shinto Buddhism syncretization culture. The vermilion-lacquered main inner shrine is designated as a National Treasure.
Usa Jingu
ADDRESS:2859 Minamiusa, Usa City, Oita Prefecture
ACCESS:Approx. 9 min from JR Usa Station to Usa Hachiman bus stop for Oita Kotsu Bus Nakatsu bound line.
OPEN:Free for visitation


Head straight to Oita Airport, or head back to Fukuoka and have some food.

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