Free public Wi-Fi service brining Kyushu together - Kyushu Free Wi-Fi Project! The app features travel info, coupons, and other languages.

One-time registration only, no hassle!

In general. . .other services require you to register at each accessing location. . .With Kyushu Free Wi-Fi. . .Just one time only!

Offering tons of travel info for Kyushu!

The app shows various tourism spots and businesses according to your location!

Useful with language options!

Various languages available! The app appears according to your language setting on your device!

Discount coupons!

Various coupons available for our registered businesses! Of course, various language options available!

Accessible at locations registered with Kyushu Free Wi-Fi Project or equipped with NTTBP's Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi.
Look for this mark!

How to use

For free download, go here.
  • Google play
  • Google play

Search "Japan Travel Guide" on your app.

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